Hello! I’m an editor and proofreader from the North of England. I provide editorial services such as line and copy editing, proofreading, and developmental edits. I’m a member of the SfEP and currently work with the book publisher Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie (on fiction and non-fiction), Proofessor (on academic work), and Safis Editing (on professional books and IT references titles).

I also work with independent authors, writers, and students on projects such as short fiction, novels, non-fiction, and essays. In my free time, I devour books, write young adult fiction, and play video games.

As one of my first readers Rachel’s feedback has been invaluable. She helped me tackle a particularly difficult plot hole that, in turn, carried me through a particularly difficult set of structural edits. Her keen eye, level of precision, and insight provided me with the fresh perspective on my writing that I desperately needed. I would recommend working with Rachel – you’ll find her critique both appraising and inspiring.

Aisha Bushby, author of ‘Marionette Girl’

Rachel has a certain tenderness when presenting feedback. There is no doubt she has a love for the craft of writing. The comments she brought to my story were pointed, yet she asked the right questions in a way that made me rethink the plot and make the story stronger. Her developmental suggestions showed she understood and cared about my character’s journey and her line edits were spot on. My story has come alive based on the feedback she provided.

Ian Cahill, author of TWELVE AND A HALF HEARTS