Camp NaNo April: Wrap Up


Camp NaNoWriMo ended yesterday and I wanted to do a quick post about how I got on. At the start of April, I mentioned that I wanted to write 30,000 words for Camp NaNo in order to finish the draft I was working on.

Well, I didn’t write 30,000, but I DID finish the draft! Yay! Turns out, I only needed 20,000 words to complete it. Unfortunately, by that point I wasn’t able to lower my goal on the Camp NaNo website, as winning had already started. *sigh* But in my own eyes I’m still a winner because I achieved the goal that I set for myself.

Because I finished drafting early, I spent the rest of the month editing and fleshing out scenes. In total, I wrote 21,223 words. I consider this Camp NaNo a success!

I still have plenty of scenes to rewrite, so that’s going to my focus for May. Hopefully, by the end of the month, the draft will be complete and ready to send to beta readers!


2 thoughts on “Camp NaNo April: Wrap Up

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