Book Review: Frostblood by Elly Blake


Author: Elly Blake

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (UK)

Release Date: 12th Jan 2017

I received a gorgeous ARC of Frostblood in a previous Fairy Loot box (which I unboxed here). This was back in July but I was saving it as I thought it was the perfect book to read in winter.

Initially, I wasn’t sure about the concept. Elemental magic is something I stay away from as it’s overdone, but Elly Blake completely blew me away with how well she executed the idea. Frostblood feels so unique and fresh since it concentrates on just two elements – fire and ice – and a war that rages between the two groups of people who use that magic. It’s so easy to get absorbed in the world of Frostblood. The book starts with an action packed, heart-wrenching scene that made me sympathize with Ruby, the main character, and feel invested in her journey from page one. I wanted to stay along for the ride and make sure she’d be alright.

The romance within Frostblood was a pleasant surprise for me. I love romance in fantasy, but sometimes in YA it can seem forced or too much like insta-love. It wasn’t like that with Ruby and Arcus. Elly Blake does an amazing job developing these two characters and growing their relationship over time; it didn’t feel rushed or forced. I also loved the angst that they experienced along their journey. It felt so real and understandable, given the circumstances, and it made me more invested in them as a couple. Individually, all of the characters in Frostblood were likeable, and I really enjoyed Ruby’s little snippets of humour and wit.

Elly Blake’s writing style flows very well, too, and allows the reader to get into Ruby’s head. I think the only minor nitpick I have is that very occasionally, some of the language used didn’t seem to fit the fantastical setting. I also would have liked some more descriptions of the surroundings and world. On the whole though, this was an amazing book that I loved from the start. I’m eager for a sequel – and, of course, for more Arcus and Ruby!


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