Will a publisher edit my book, open book

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  1. Hi,
    I am in the middle of writting a mystery murder book for the first time but need a lit of help. Is it better to hand write it and as not 100% sure about punctuation and chapters. Do I need to do these or will a publisher sort these out for me

    1. I know some authors do still hand-write their books first, but even if you do this, you’d have to type it up later anyway because submissions are done digitally and not many publishers or agents take paper manuscripts anymore. You can also use things like spell-check if you aren’t hand-writing it, but I’d recommend getting a book on punctuation too (The Penguin Guide to Punctuation is a good one). For chapter breaks, yes do include them to make it more readable for whoever is considering it. I’d just do it where it seems most natural to you. You can always change it later if the agent/publisher has suggestions for better places to break up chapters.

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