I take my development as an editor very seriously, and I believe all authors deserve to work with someone qualified who knows what they’re doing. I’m professionally trained and I’m always brushing up on my skills. Here’s a full list of my qualifications, as well as some of the clients I’ve worked with.


  • Copyediting 2: Headway (CIEP, 2021)
  • Essential Proofreading (The Publishing Training Centre, 2018)
  • Introduction to Fiction Editing (SfEP, 2017)
  • Copyediting 1: Introduction (SfEP, 2017)
  • Proofreading 1: Introduction (SfEP, 2017)
  • BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing (2016)

Professional development

  • Trauma-Informed Editing (FOLD Academy, 2022)
  • Editing Memoir (Tanya Gold’s Courses for Editors, 2021)
  • Comma Press virtual publishing conference (2021)
  • Book Formatting Using Word Styles (Editors Canada, 2020)
  • CIEP virtual annual conference (2020)
  • Tolkien symposium on fantasy literature (2020)
  • Inclusive Language Series (ACES, 2020)
  • Editing for Young Readers (ACES, 2020)
  • Comics and Graphic Novel Conventions for Proofreaders (Editorial Freelancers Association, 2018)
  • Sensitivity Reads: What You Need to Know (Editorial Freelancers Association, 2018)

My clients

I love working with authors one-on-one, and regularly work with self-publishing authors and writers who plan to submit traditionally. I work with publishing houses too! Some of my clients have included:

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