Editorial Portfolio

Short Stories

‘Marionette Girl’ by Aisha Bushby, published in A Change is Gonna Come


Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers:

George and the Dragon Warriors by David War

Champagne Backpacker by Sarah Daniel

Born in January by Judith Ann Smith

Visigothic: Wizards and Kings by Jay P. Newcomb

The Gifts of the Masters by Eva Gill

The Comedian by Branka Krstevska


Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers:

The How to do Stuff (Right) Book by Glen P. Aylward

An Accidental Memoir by J.P. Lachs


Humanity Hallows – Issue 1

Humanity Hallows – Issue 2

My Writing/Articles

Book Reviews

Living Life Differently: Anxiety in the Workplace

Interview with Freda Warrington for Gothic Manchester

Mistborn Trilogy: A Review

Mother Tongue, Other Tongue – Poetry Event Coverage

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival – Event Coverage