A series of fairytale retellings set in the world of Nethervale. Each book can be read as a standalone, or you can read them in the listed order. These stories are filled with adventure, magic, and clean romance, with a splash of darkness.

Book 1 – The Darkest Curse: A Rapunzel Retelling

Annice’s hair is cursed.

It kills every other living thing it touches.

And no one knows the cure.

Locked away in a tower ever since she can remember, Annice longs to be free to travel and live a normal life. But she knows the outside world must be protected from her, as her mother Gothel always reminds her. She’s even tried cutting her hair off, but the dark magic means it always grows back with a vengeance. Annice passes her days playing music, with only limited visits from her mother.

When the handsome, well-travelled bard Cyrus passes her tower and hears her playing her lyre, Annice knows she shouldn’t get involved with him. But his lifestyle and adventure stories draw her in, and she soon finds herself longing more fiercely for a life outside. When she begins a fresh search for answers about her curse, she unravels a web of deceit that will change everything she thought she knew about love and family.

Book 2 (coming summer 2023)

Book 2 in the Nethervale series will be a retelling of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Details coming soon! Subscribe to my newsletter to receive all the latest updates before anyone else.