I value a professional yet sensitive approach to editing. If you have a story to tell or a message to put across, I can help you achieve your goals.


Copy-editing involves combing through written work and making changes and suggestions to improve the accuracy, consistency, and flow of the text, as well as correcting any errors. It is suitable for work that needs fine tuning and ensures that the text is understandable and coherent.

Copy-editing may look at, for example, spelling, grammar, language, punctuation, images, numbering systems, discrepancies, legal issues, and so on. The SfEP have a great description of copy-editing on their website.


Proofreading involves reading through text to check for any errors prior to publication. It’s usually the final stage in the editing process and ensures your documents are authoritative and easily navigated. Proofreading ensures that all material is consistent and ready for release. Sometimes, proofreading may involve a deeper level of intervention; this is known as proof-editing. Here’s a handy link if you’re not sure whether proofreading is for you.

Manuscript critique/assessment or development:

A manuscript critique will provide you with professional, honest, and constructive advice to help you improve your story and your craft. This is done in the form of a comprehensive editorial report highlighting particular areas for refinement and advice for reshaping your work. If you need something more thorough, you might want a more intensive developmental service, which includes an editorial report but also goes one step further by including notes in the manuscript.

Both of these levels of editing focus on the big picture and any storytelling issues that may be present.

Sensitivity reading:

If you’re writing about mental health and want to make sure you represent the subject in the right way without causing offence, I can help by providing a sensitivity read. This is similar to a manuscript critique, but concentrates specifically on mental health representation.


If you’re interested in multiple options, please do email me for a chat.


To request a free quote or to have a chat about your options, simply fill out my contact form or send an e-mail to If you aren’t sure which service you need, I’d be happy to advise you.

Please make sure you provide the following:

  • The type of work and the word count.
  • The service you are interested in.
  • A sample of your work (you don’t have to send this right away, but I will ask to look at one before quoting).
  • Any preferences you have regarding how the work is done—in Microsoft Word or  using a PDF editor, for example.

I aim to get back to all emails within 2 business days.