I can provide a three page sample edit free of charge. For my writing services, I’m happy to provide samples, or you can check out my portfolio. I can also send my resume upon request.


Full comprehensive edit: 

A comprehensive edit is designed for short stories and novels. It includes developmental editing (story structure, characters, plot, world building, dialogue and so on) provided in the form of a report. Once this has been approved, I’ll provide line editing, copy editing and a proofread as part of this service. I always turn on track changes, so you can see exactly what I’ve worked on.

Developmental edit:

I will read and assess your short story or novel, providing feedback and critique in the form of an in depth report. I’ll look at plot, characters, story structure, dialogue, world building and so on. You’ll receive plenty of advice on how to implement the suggested changes and strengthen your manuscript.

Line and copy editing:

Line editing involves making line by line changes, combing through a manuscript or document to ensure everything sounds right in terms of word choice and flow. It involves checking for overused or redundant words, overly long passages, unnatural phrases and so on. This is suitable for any structurally strong document in need of sentence-level fine tuning.

Copy editing addresses technical flaws, analysing details such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring consistency throughout. Copy editing is suitable for documents or manuscripts that have already been edited, but need more polish prior to publication.


Proofreading is as it sounds: I’ll proofread a document or manuscript for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word choice, making changes where necessary.

Sensitivity reading:

I can be hired as a sensitivity reader if you’ve written about mental health, particularly anxiety disorder, panic disorder and depression. I will provide feedback and advice based on my own experience with these disorders, ensuring your work is accurate in its representation.

Writing Services

As an experienced writer, I can be commissioned to write articles, blog posts, web content and copy in a variety of niches.


For a quote, or to discuss a potential project with me, simply fill out my contact form or send an e-mail to I look forward to hearing from you!