I can provide a three page sample edit of any of these services for £15 – £35, depending on the service you’re interested in.


Full comprehensive edit (fiction): 

A full, comprehensive edit is designed for short stories and novels. It includes developmental editing (feedback on story structure, characters, plot, world building, dialogue and so on) provided in the form of a report. Once this has been approved and any changes made by the author, I’ll then provide copy editing and a proofread, details of which are outlined below. I always turn on Track Changes so you can see exactly what I’ve worked on, and I’ll send a clean copy for your convenience, as well.

Developmental edit (fiction):

I will read and assess your short story or novel, providing feedback and critique in the form of an author report. This focuses on storytelling and will include feedback on things like character development, plot/structure, world building, dialogue, pacing and so on. You’ll receive plenty of advice on how to implement the suggested changes in order to strengthen your work.


Proofreading involves checking for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting and style, as well as ensuring the overall accuracy of the text. This includes things like the tense (past/present), inconsistent logic, typos, and so on. I can work with PDF files or Word documents, using Adobe Acrobat’s editing tools or Track Changes. Proofreading does not involve rewriting or restructuring and is suitable for work that is ready for publication but needs double checking and tidying up.

For more information about proofreading, and to find out if this service is suitable for you, you can visit this page.

Copy editing:

Copy editing involves combing through written work and making line by line changes. It’s suitable for raw work that needs fine tuning prior to publication. It includes many of the same tasks as proofreading (checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and so on), but copy editing is more in depth. For example, it involves looking at the consistency and accuracy of information, language, paragraphs, sentence length, and so on. There is no rewriting involved. Copy editing ensures that there are no errors or discrepancies that will come across as illogical to a reader. When I provide a copy edit, I use Track Changes or editing tools in Adobe Acrobat to make queries and suggestions.

For more information about copy editing, and for a more detailed explanation of the general role of a copy editor, visit this page.

Line editing:

Line editing differs from copy editing in the sense that it involves restructuring and rewording sentences to improve language, flow, and structure. It’s all about how well the words are crafted; words may be moved around, cut, or altered completely to improve tone, readability and voice.  It’s a much more intensive process when compared with copy editing and proofreading and aims to improve writing quality.


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