fairytale retellings

Nethervale series

A series of retellings set in the world of Nethervale. Each book can be read as a standalone, or you can read them in the listed order. These stories are filled with adventure, magic, and clean romance, with a splash of darkness.

The Darkest Curse: A Rapunzel retelling

Annice’s hair is cursed. It kills every other living thing it touches. And no one knows the cure.

Locked away in a tower ever since she can remember, Annice longs to be free to travel and live a normal life. But she knows the outside world must be protected from her, as her mother Gothel always reminds her. She’s even tried cutting her hair off, but the dark magic means it always grows back with a vengeance. Annice passes her days playing music, with only limited visits from her mother.

When the handsome, well-travelled bard Cyrus passes her tower and hears her playing her lyre, Annice knows she shouldn’t get involved with him. But his lifestyle and adventure stories draw her in, and she soon finds herself longing more fiercely for a life outside. When she begins a fresh search for answers about her curse, she unravels a web of deceit that will change everything she thought she knew about love and family.

The Wicked Prince: A Little Mermaid Retelling

Kyra’s sister is dead – and it’s the human prince’s fault.

Mermaid Kyra is devastated when her sister dies as a result of the human Prince Rhydian’s betrayal. Driven by her grief, Kyra strikes a dangerous bargain with the sea witch to kill him: she will become human and infiltrate the Whitecliff Estate as a handmaiden to Rhydian’s new fiancée.

Moving into the estate, Kyra is forced to confront Lord Nicholas Turner, the gorgeous young man she once rescued from a shipwreck. With her identity hanging in the balance, she tries to resist her growing feelings for him to keep her plan – and her true nature – from being compromised.

But as humans begin to die mysteriously around the estate, Kyra and Nicholas uncover darker schemes with lacings of dark magic that could threaten both land and sea. And Kyra must decide whether her thirst for revenge is more important than following her heart.

one-off books

Standalone fantasy

In the Dreaming Deep

An ancient god with cosmic powers has awoken, threatening to destroy his home.

Hugo Strand dreams of seeing the world, becoming a travel writer, and making something of himself. But with little money, a fragile mother to care for, and the memories of his drowned father to haunt him, he fears he’ll be stuck on Shale Island forever – a place where storms and churning seas fuel whispers of the sea gods, said to awaken every thousand years.

When a sea monster attacks and destroys the sea-train, cutting Shale off from the mainland, what was once myth becomes reality. Teaming up with archaeologist Alma Merneith, Hugo sets out to investigate a strange affliction driving the islanders to madness and death.

But their search uncovers a force beyond imagining, and proof that the sea gods are more monstrous than the residents of Shale could have dreamed. Hugo must battle his lifelong fear of the sea, and Alma must put her archaeological knowledge to the test, to overcome a monstrous legend wearing a crown made of bones…